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Monsieur Chauvin is a brand that designs and manufactures accessories. But before being a brand, as its name suggests, Monsieur Chauvin is first and foremost a gentleman. So it’s a brand that resembles (looks like) him. Which is why it is named after him. (That’s why it bears his name). Simple isn’t it?

So who is he?

Mr. Chauvin exists. As his son says, he is a “drawer”. He has drawn a lot for the others. His employers, clients, family, friends and occasionally for himself. His computer’s hard drive abounds with objects that he has imagined and made, sometimes in one single copy. Objects that he loves and that he would love to share. This is why you’re reading these lines.
It appeared that a portrait was needed. Even if he doesn’t like to show up, Mr. Chauvin asked the best photgrapher he knows to shoot him. No Photoshop, otherwise it wouldn’t be as interesting.


It is of common opinion that Monsieur Chauvin is a royal pain in the neck. He is always needing or wanting things that don’t exist. And as he has a vivid imagination, when it doesn’t exist, he designs it. And as he’s quite handy, he then makes it. A draft, a prototype, then another one, and so on until he is satified. Over time, that adds up to quite a number of odds and ends.
Amongst his many qualities, Mr. Chauvin is idle and thrifty. He particularly appreciates simple, long-lasting things. So what he imagines and makes is straightforward and hardwearing. He is also a snob. He appreciates a form of modest elegance, a certain manner to of standing out discreetly. We should also add that he’s a somewhat staunch anti-conformist, a revolutionary conservative if you like. So he tackles problems upside down. Undoubtedly the reason why he often finds unprecedented solutions.
His objects are surprising in that they break from the norm. But upon use, few are heard to complain, quite the contrary. In a nutshell, Monsieur Chauvin is rather unbearable, but his objects bring simplicity to life. It is time for him to share.


Monsieur Chauvin is at the centre of the world, in Lyon, France, everything he needs within close reach. Short circuit and responsiveness.

What for?

Monsieur Chauvin really likes to do things properly, which means as well as possible. He wouldn’t want you to be disappointed. Hence it is important for him to control fabrication, to ensure that results meet expectations. From basic materials to the finishing touches, this makes a real difference which enables him to extend a lifetime guarantee.
Your contributions will supplement the existing budget. In order to share, some machines need to be purchased and an efficient internet site set up. Herein lies the crux of this campaign.
If we exceed our goal, we will do the same thing, for the better.

And meanwhile…

Throughout this campaign we have planned to publish a series of articles that present certain things that have more or less directly inspired our work. Obviously incomplete, this collection hopes to entertain you for a few moments and make you want to know more. It will then be up to you to share your discoveries.